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A Leading Packaging Company in India - Shruti Flexipack

We at Shruti Flexipack have come a long way in establishing ourselves as the pioneer in packaging companies in Mumbai. With our tireless efforts and innovative technology, we believe in staying at the forefront. To come to a reputable position, we have developed various products from semi sealing machines to machines that are now apt to complete the process of packaging.

Revamping our packaging company Mumbai, we have named it Shruti Flexipack (P) Ltd., from Shruti Packaging. And revamping for us, means revamping the way we function. We utilize hi-tech tools and latest methodologies to design packaging machines that give our customers an edge over their competitors. In our endeavour to design innovative and functional machinery for packaging, we have earned the prestigious National Excellence Award from the Indian Institute of Packaging.

Shruti Flexipack Private Limited, based in Navi Mumbai, previously known as Shruti Packaging offers wide range of Packaging Solutions to the wide range of Industries in India & Abroad. Over the period of 11 years the range of products we have successfully developed from initial stage of Semi Automatic Machines to Fully Automatic Machines covering almost all the critical products in the Industry. Shruti Flexipack is one of the top packaging companies in Mumbai, India

We are proud to mention here that our tireless effort to add innovations to our machine has earned us the prestigious National Excellence Award known as Pac machine 2008 by Indian Institute of Packaging. We are also pioneer packaging company in India to convert these Vertical and Horizontal FFS Machine suitable for Packing small size Automotive & other Industrial spare parts as well as hardware parts.

Encouraged by the market response and continuous pressure from our buyers, the company diversified its activities into designing and manufacturing of FORM FILL and SEAL machines for wide range of applications for packing various products from 1 gm to 10 kilogram

Our Vision

To design a highly efficient range of packaging machines that deliver excellent output at par with our customer expectations. We pride in building lasting relationships with our customers by building unique products for them.

Our Mission

We aim to deliver superior quality machines just like our leading products: Vertical and Horizontal FFS machine, and reach the pinnacle of global success. In our endeavour to achieve our goal, we expect a robust support from our consumers.

Our Capacities

  1. Vertical Cup Filler System for free flowing granular products such as - Dried fruits, Pasta pieces, Detergents, Hardware items, Pulses, Tea, Coffee beans, Candies / Toffees, other beans, grocery products, Tablets, Cashews, Snack foods, Fresh & frozen foods, Spices, Soup mixes, pan masala, mukhawas, saunf, Sugar, etc.
  2. Vertical Cup Filler System for free flowing powder products such as: - granular detergents, glucose powder, coriander powder, granular spices powder, heena powder, powdered blue, etc.
  3. Vertical Syringe Filler System for free flowing liquids products like oil, shampoo, alcohol (wine, gin, vodka, rum), lotion, etc
  4. Vertical Piston Filler System for Non free flowing thick pastes or viscous products such as sauce, chatani, Ketchup cream lotion balm toothpaste, jam, chocolate paste, jelly, syrups, etc.
  5. Vertical Auger Filler System for free flowing or non free flowing powder products like milk powder, chocolate powder, pesticides, chemicals, talcum powder, grinded spices, tea dust, filter coffee, soup mixes, maggi masala, powdered detergents, heena powder, powdered blue, all flours (Atta), coco powder, etc.
  6. Horizontal Flow Wrap System for Solid products like biscuits, chocolate bars, agarabattis, nutritional bars, hardware items like glass runner bearings, oil seals, roller bearings, O-rings, magnets, furniture hardware, all files, visiting cards, mobile cards, literature booklets, ticket bunch, soap papers, papads, sweets, toy jellys, tattoos, paper napkins, tablets, bakery foods single piece or filled in thermoformed tray like cake, cookies, toast, khari, etc.
  7. Overhead Multi Head Weigher System for free flowing or non free flowing even or uneven products such as Potato Chips, all types of salty products , Dry fruits, Pasta pieces, Detergents, Pulses, Tea, Coffee beans, Candies / Toffees, other beans, grocery products, Tablets, Cashews, Snack foods, Fresh & frozen foods, hole Spices, Spices mixes, Sugar, Rawa, glucose salts, etc.
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