Horizontal Form Fill Seal Machine

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Instead of conventional vertical form fill seal machines, this is horizontal flow packing machine. This machine is a special floor design, which can form only 4 side seal pouches. Instead of vertical travel of the packing roll, roll will be folded horizontally where as per design pouch width is actually pouch length or pouch travel.

Dropping of product time and travel is reduced in this model, because chute enters in open pouch and drop the product in formed pouch. Machine is mostly suitable for products which are rectangular shaped like medical kit, tissue papers, micro doses, hardware, bearing or brake pads. Also suitable for all liquids, powders and paste products.

Very compact and dedicated design, available in pneumatic as well as mechanical servo driven model.

Vertical, horizontal sealing, product filling all synchronized and actuated pneumatically with all latest technology gadgets of Bosch Rexroth. Pouch length is controlled by Schneider make servo motor and 2 axis latest technology.

Machine height is a ground floor model, where operator can view all operations and feed the product at manually at standard human height.

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