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Description and Operation of Performed Pouch Filling Machine

Shruti Flexipack Mumbai offers economical and ergonomical machine for pre made pouches. This Preformed Pouch Packing Machine can be used for any products like pizza, burger, etc. It automatically takes single pouch from magazine, opens the pouch by suction, hold the premade pouch in open condition; material is dropped into the pouch and seals the pouch.

This performed pouches packaging machine is equipped with latest design PLC, control and multicolour HMI. All parameters can be set from the HMI for various timings of machine. Trouble shooting and various machine alarms are displayed on HMI. Number of pouches packed in one minute, total production in a day will be displayed on screen.

Products can be fed to the machine by using various options such as manual hopper, cup filler for granular products, auger filler for powder products, weigh filler, auto conveyer, bucket conveyer, piston filler for liquids, etc

The pouch packaging machine operates fully on compressed air and is controlled by PLC system. The machine can be operated with minimum labor and requires minimum maintenance.

Technical Information About Preformed pouch Packing Machine

Formats of pouches
Stand up pouches, preformed center seal or side sealed pouches, quadraseal pouches, zipper pouches, box type pouches, magic sealed pouches etc

Out put
4000 to 5000 packs per day

Fill Weight
Standard model is upto 2 Kilogram

PPouch Width
Minimum 150 mm to maximum 300 mm with change parts

Pouch Length
200 mm to 350 mm

Packing material
Any heat sealable laminated film made preformed pouches such as polyester poly / paper poly/ metalized poly/ Aluminium foil

Bag Loading
Adjustable cartridge or magazine will be provided to feed upto 300 pouches Preformed bags can be loaded while machine will be in operation

Bag Opening
Adjustable vacuum bag opening assemble will be fitted

To avoid spillage no bag no dump mechanism will be available

Opening and filling
Individual bag will be removed from cartridge area and rotated, then opened below the feeding area Special designed pneumatic and suction mechanism will be provided for this operation

Product Feeding Chute
In case of difficult products; feeding chute will having up and down action to avoid product spillage and to avoid the seal area contamination, this will ensure leakproof sealing

Pouch holding
During filling of product for packing, pouch will be held by specially designed grippers, which hold the pouch in proper opened position during filling of product

Pouch Sealing
Continuous heated sealing bars will be fitted to seal the pouch, heating will be controlled with digitally displayed PID temperature controller

Preformed Pouch Packing Machine control
Complete machine is controlled by available best Programmable Logic Control and HMI of reputed manufacturer State of art programming will minimize downtime of machine

Product examples
Coffee beans, pet food, sea food, sugar, flour, frozen food, liquids, pastes, candy snacks, coffee, tea, food products, pet sticks, solid products, chemicals, hardwares, uneven shaped products and many more

Optional arrangements
Gas flushing, name embossing, special pouch sealers, ink jet printer etc

Air requirement
275 liter per minute at 6 Kg per square centimeter

Power supply
440 volt, 3 phase with neutral and earthing

Net Weight of the machine
450 Kg. approx

Overall dimensions approx
Length- 2100 mm Width- 800 mm Height- 1550 mm

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