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Sachets are the most convenient form of packaging that is used today. The process of sachet packaging is complicated. But to ease your company out of this tough task, we have introduced innovative liquid sachet filling machine.

Shruti Flexipack is now become the leading liquid sachet packing machine manufacturers in India. Among all the liquid sachet machine manufacturers, our machine is the one that can be easy to install and comes with mechanical attachments. For all the liquid product manufacturers our sachet packaging machine will be the best partner.

Product to be filled in Liquid Sachet Packaging Machine

This model of Pepsi Packing Machine is suitable for packing artificial fruit juice, flavored milk, lassi in LDPE packing material, etc.

Description of Liquid Sachet Filling Machine

This is a vertical form, fill and seal machine for packing all types of free flow uniform liquid products. This model is user friendly simple mechanical machine with all gear driven attachments. Fixed speed models as well as variable speed models both are available. Machine is mainly designed for small sachet making maximum upto 250 mm open width of the packaging material. Maximum reel core ID 76 mm and outer diameter of roll will be 250 mm.
Machine construction will be in heavy C I casting, properly machined and anti rust colour coated. Top of the machine and heater/sealer guards will be made in stainless steel. All product contact parts will be in S S 304 or S S 316 as required by the customer.
Filling system will be volumetric syringe filler suitable for uniform free flow liquids.
Pouch length is controlled mechanically with gear teeth ratio for non printed packing material and digital forward reverse setting photocell control panel. Actual correction is done by 110 volt motor.
Vertical sealer and horizontal sealer driven by gears, spring adjusted pressure setting is provided for proper sealing. Temperatures of vertical and horizontal sealers are controlled by PID controlled two separate temperature controllers

Technical Information about Sachet Packing Machine for Liquid

Sachet Packing Machine output
Maximum speed up to 70 packs per minute depending on gravity flow properties of the product and accuracy of filling

Filling Range
Minimum 1 gm to maximum 100 gm or ml

Filling system
Volumetric syringe filler for free flow, uniform liquid products like oil or shampoo Block piston filler pump for thick paste like products like tamarind paste, toothpaste, Alloe Vera Jelly

Pouch Range
Pouch Width : Minimum 25 mm to Maximum 115 mm
Pouch Length : Minimum 40 mm to Maximum 200 mm

Packaging Material
Machine is designed for most types of heat sealable laminate example polyester poly, paper poly, metalized poly, glassine poly, aluminium foil with poly etc

Change parts
Collar, length gear, filling cups required to change size of pouch as well as product quantity

Sachet Packing Machine control
Simple electrical panel with digital photocell control panel

Main drive
Mechanical machine all sealing, pulling and filling system will be gear driven interlocked with each other

Electrical Data
Power supply: 440 VAC, 3 phase with neutral and ground connected or Single Phase as per customer requirement

Motor Drive
1 Hp, 440 VAC, 50 Hz, 3 phase with VFD or 0.5 Hp single phase motor with reduction gear box

200 Watt X 2 heaters for vertical sealing and 300 watt X 2 heaters for horizontal sealing-cutting

Temperature controller
Omron or Selectron or Delta make PID controller

Length X width of machine
560 mm X 950 mm

Height of machine
1850 mm with hopper

Nett Weight of machine
350 Kilogram

Optional arrangements
• Online printing
• Online label applicator
• Pouch take off conveyer

Optional Liquid Sachet filling systems

  • • Cup filler
  • • Auger Filler
  • • Weigh Filler
  • • Syringe Filler
  • • Piston Pump
  • • Indexing bucket conveyer
  • • Counting mechanisms
  • • Vibratory tray feeder

We are leading Sachet Packing Machine manufacturer and supplier in Navi Mumbai, India, Contact us to know the best price of the Sachet Packing Machine

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