Water Pouch Packing Machine - Economy model

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Product to be filled in Water Pouch Packing Machine

This Water Pouch Filling Machine model is suitable for packing water, artificial fruit juice, flavored milk, lassi in LDPE packing material

Description of Water Pouch Packing Machine

We are leading water pouch packing machine manufacturers providing this is fully automatic water packing machine designed for packing liquid in LDPE film, commonly known as milk packing machine.
The film roll mounted on backside of machine, after unwinding mechanism film passes through series of free roller.
Film will be folded in folding collar box to get shape of pouch, center sealing will be by vertical impulse strip sealer.
Pulling and pouch length of the machine depends on rubber roller pulling assembly driven by eccentric cam which is adjustable.
Then desired quantity of liquid is filled in ready formed tube, controlled by gravity fill electromagnetic valve and timer.
Horizontal sealing as well as cutting will be done rod type impulse sealer.

Technical Information About Water Packing Machine

Construction of Water Packing Machine
In economy model complete body and covers in mild steel powder coated Only front of machine and all contact parts will be made in stainless steel

Water Packet Packing Machine output
2500 pouches per hour for 200 ml to 500 ml packing

Water Pouch Machine Filling Range
200 ml to 500 ml adjustable

Filling system of Water Packing Machine
Gravity fill electromagnetic filling system with timer

Packing Material
Virgin co-extruded multilayer LDPE film, food grade

Open width of roll
325 mm

Pouch width
150 mm

Film core ID
76 mm

Film roll weight
Maximum 20 kg

Machine control
Simple electrical panel microprocessor controlled circuits

Sealing style
Standard vertical overlap

Main drive
Mechanical machine all sealing, pulling and filling system will be gear driven interlocked with each other

Power supply
230 VAC, 50 Hz, earthing

Motor Drive
0.5 Hp, Single phase Lawkim/Crompton Greaves Motor with suitable reduction gear box

Impulse heaters

Machine size
1500 mm X 1000 mm X 2350 mm

Nett Weight of machine
250 Kilogram

Optional arrangements

  • • Complete S S machine
  • • 500 ml to 1000 model
  • • Online printing,
  • • Pouch counter
  • • 4 KVA voltage stabilizer
  • • Hygienic dairy pump

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